Whiting Fish and Chips Recipe

Suitable for: Whiting, Tilipia, Ocean Perch, Black Bass, Pangasius, Catfish.

Whiting, a relative of hake, resembles cod in texture. Its delicate flavor lends itself to a variety of seasonings. Filleted and battered, whiting makes great “fish and chips.”  Tilipia, perch, and other white filets also make great F&C.  If you decide to make this dish with catfish, see the suggestion for “hush-puppies,” the classic Southern accompaniment to fried catfish.  Good hush-puppies take a little practice, and this recipe can be replaced with a “down home” one if your family likes this new treat.

Serves 4


Deep fat fryer with basket
Baking dish or rimmed cookie sheet
Preheat oven to low/warm
Option: paper towels to line baking dish 


1 ½  lb. whiting filets: small filets or cut pieces 1×3 inches
Batter mix
Oil for fryer (follow appliance directions)
2 lb. fresh potatoes, cut for French-fries (“chips”)
Salt and pepper
Tartar sauce
Option: malt vinegar, if available (the classic English F&C seasoning)

Rinse filets in cold water. Dry thoroughly. Dip in prepared batter. Fry in small batches (large ones result in soggy fish) till crisp. Remove to baking dish, covered with paper towels if you want the crispiest fish. Continue till all fish is cooked.

Fry potatoes.
Serve with salt, pepper and sauce or vinegar.