Whiting Potato Cakes Recipe

Suitable for: leftover cooked flaked whiting, ocean perch, tilapia, salmon.

Atlantic whiting, often called “hake,” is a major component of fish-and-chips and also of (shhh!) fish-sticks.  Its mild flavor adapts well to an old American Saturday-night supper-dish, originally made of salted, dried codfish and leftover mashed potatoes. The salt is gone, but a traditional accompaniment of bacon strips remains.

A quick treatment of leftovers, fish-and-potato cakes appeal to the more conservative fish-eaters in your house as well as fish-lovers.

Serves 4


Heavy-bottomed large skillet
Baking dish
Set oven on low heat (200 degrees)


8 strips bacon
2 Tbsp. oil
1 medium onion, peeled and chopped fine
2 cups cooked flaked fish
2 cups leftover mashed potatoes
1 egg

Mix ingredients except bacon and oil; refrigerate for 30 minutes for easier handling.

Cook bacon in skillet till crisp; set aside in baking dish in oven.

Pour bacon fat from skillet but leave any cooked bits.  Using damp hands, form cold fish-potato mixture into 8 flattish cakes (like hamburger patties).

In 1 Tbsp. cook first 4 cakes over medium heat till bottom is crisp. Flip cakes over gently, brown other side. Remove to baking pan. Repeat with remaining oil and fish-potato cake mix.

Serve with tartar sauce or chili sauce and bacon.