Blue Gills

BLUE GILLS, like crappies, have different names in different regions. Far north and far south, they are often called “bream”; elsewhere they are “roach,” “copperhead,” or “blue sunfish.” Of Florida origin, blue gills have adapted very well to lake-stocking in many areas of the U.S., and they are very popular among sport-fishermen. They gather in quiet, grassy areas of lakes and ponds and put up a big fight for a small fish. Schoolchildren chose the blue gill as Illinois’ state fish in the 1980s; blue gill fishing can be a fun family sport. Some insist that blue gills are the most delicious of sport-panfish. Firm sweet flesh responds well to classic butter-lemon-salt-and-pepper or a variety of fish-fry coatings and batters. Boned meat makes a good sandwich spread and can be substituted for salmon in kedgeree. Wild-caught in Canada. Priced per pound.


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