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Scalloped Scallop Recipe


Suitable for: scallops, peeled shrimp, chunks of Giant Prawn or Lobster-Tail meat, firm skinless (tilapia, red snapper, ocean perch, pangasius, whitefish). Cut thick filets into small serving-size pieces.

One of the main attractions of eating seafood is the wealth of low-fat recipes available for this naturally low-fat food. There comes the time, however, when having a lush, creamy recipe is just the ticket for a special occasion or special company. Feel free to mix fish and shellfish; remember that pieces will cook more evenly if they are all the same size. 

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Quick Fish Family Dinner Recipe


Suitable for: tilapia, orange roughy, pickerel, ocean perch, catfish, pangasius or salmon filets.

Fish lends itself beautifully to quick weeknight dinners.Baked fish, warmed rolls, and a steamed vegetable put solid and delicious nutrition on the dinner-table almost as quickly as family members can wash their hands and set the table.

To keep preparation fast, here are some quick two- or three-ingredient toppings for almost any fish dinner: 

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Scampi Style Shrimp Spaghetti Recipe


Suitable to: shrimp, lobster-tail, crab, Giant Prawn, or scallops.

In some countries, shrimps themselves are referred to as “scampi.” To lessen the confusion, we’ll define scampi as “with butter, oil, and garlic.”Quick-cooking seafood “scampi”-style makes a wonderful pasta sauce. Adding a vegetable to the mix completes the dish.

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Fish Sandwiches, Rolls, and Tacos Recipe


Suitable to: freshly-cooked or leftover fish filets of all kinds. Shellfish salads of all kinds. 

Whether you call it a “sub,” “hoagie,” or “po’ boy,” Italian-bread rolls make great fish sandwiches.

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Black Bass Recipe

Suitable to: whole fish; “head-off and split” fish

Black bass is a wonderful reason to add a fish-basket to your grilling-gear. Keep seasonings simple, to let the delicious flavor of this salt-water fish shine. 

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Asian Simmered Buffalo Fish Recipe


Buffalo fish often joins carp as an ingredient in gefilte fish.  Its delicate taste and texture respond well to Asian seasonings and gentle simmering.

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Shrimp Fry Batter Recipe

Tender seafood in a crisp crust is a wonderful treat. Sadly, commercially-packaged battered fish and poor frying techniques have convinced many consumers that fried fish in batter is greasy and tasteless.

Cooked at home, batter-coated seafood is a completely different, delicious dish.

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Blue Gills Fried Pan Fish Recipe

Suitable for: Bluegills, Crappies, White Bass, small Croakers, small Rainbow Trout  

What’s a “pan-fish”? Not really a single family. Pan-fish have in common that they are fresh-water, generally small in size, the sporty members of the lake- and stream-crowd, and often cooked simply within minutes of being caught.

To come close to the fresh-caught experience (while skipping the less appealing fish-cleaning experience), order your pan-fish “head off and split.”

Indoor cooking is fine, but pan-fish taste great off the grill—you may want to reserve an old, metal-handled skillet as your “fish-nic” pan.

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Whiting Basque Soup Recipe

Type: SOUP
Suitable for: flat- or round-cut Whiting, Whitefish, Buffalo, or other steaks. 

Argentina is a main source of Atlantic whiting, and this recipe reflects some of the Spanish flavors retained in Argentine cooking. Use either steaks or filets for this dish. Steaks mean providing forks as well as spoons but lend a countrified touch to this homey dish. Provide crusty bread to soak up all the broth.

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Salmon Kedgeree Recipe

Suitable for: cooked and flaked salmon, trout, pickerel, catfish, or other leftover, unbreaded cooked fish. A particularly luxurious version could be made with flaked crab—lucky leftovers!)

This originated as a British Victorian Colonial dish and is classically made with smoked haddock.  The seasonings with which you cooked your fish will contribute their own nuances to this quick dish, once part of a good English breakfast. Yes, breakfast. No, in answer to the eternal question, there aren’t any bones in this!

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