Fish Fry Mix Instructions

Suitable for: All Pan fish and filets.

Simple frying mixes have been used to give fried fish a crisp coating for as long as fishermen have reeled in their catch.  Cornmeal and bacon-fat, seasoned flour and lots of butter . . . delicious and easy to pack with the skillet for a riverside fish-fry, and a sure-fire way to seal in fresh-fish flavor.

Today’s wide availability of fried fast-foods and fried snacks stimulate many cooks to avoid frying fish for reasons of health; and, when overcooked, fried fish seems to taste of “fried” but not of “fish.”

Fish Fry Mix, used according to directions, enables you to capture the texture and crunchiness of fried fish without excessive fattiness. Try it with all sorts and cuts of delicately flavored white fish.

For large quantities of fish, place a paper-towel-covered baking pan or rimmed cookie sheet in your oven (set on low heat), and move fish from skillet to pan to drain and remain crisp.