Grilled Tilipia Skewer Recipe

Suitable for: tilapia, orange roughy, ocean perch and other firm filets 

This long, thin dish was inspired by a long, thin package of tilapia filets and recognizes the long-known affinity between fish and bacon. Skewers can be made simply for family and more elaborately for company.


Long metal or bamboo skewers for grill
Outdoor grill or oven broiler
Pastry brush to apply marinade
Option: large flat grill-pan with perforations, to hold skewers 


1-1 ½ lb. fish filets, cut in long, thin pieces
6-8 raw bacon strips
8-12 whole mushrooms
Italian salad dressing or any favorite barbecue marinade 

Lay bacon strips over fish filets and thread bacon-fish back and forth on skewers. Insert mushrooms between zigzags of bacon-fish. Brush completed skewers with Italian dressing or marinade. Grill, turning as needed to cook all bacon and fish.

Options: a little practice will let you make room for peeled shrimps, cherry tomatoes, and/or chunks of summer squash on your skewers, resulting in a delicious and dramatic dish for company. Vary with a sesame-ginger marinade and chunks of pineapple and whole water-chestnuts.