Oyster Stew Recipe

Suitable for: Oysters, chunks of cooked Lobster tail, Crab or Giant Prawn meat.

Nothing removes the aches, pains, and chills of snow-shoveling like this quick, luxurious winter favorite!
Serves 4

2 pts. oysters and their liquid
1 quart half-and-half (or half milk/half heavy cream)
2 Tbsp. butter
Salt, black pepper or cayenne
Optional: dry sherry
Oyster crackers, pilot biscuit, or matzoh.

In a stainless-steel saucepan, warm half-and-half over medium heat till hot but not boiling. Add oysters and their liquid, continue to warm till oysters ruffle slightly at their edges—do not allow to boil. (You can make this in a double boiler if you’re worried about controlling the heat.)

Season to taste with salt and black pepper or cayenne. Pour into warmed soup bowls. Float ½ Tbsp. butter on each bowl of soup and dust with paprika.  Each person may add a spoonful or two of dry sherry to his or her serving if desired. 

Traditional crackers listed above all have a bit more “bite” and less salt  than saltines or cocktail crackers. Crusty bread or rolls are a less historic but equally welcome accompaniment.