Shrimp Fry Batter

A restaurant-quality batter mix to use in your own kitchen. No more drippy, heavy, lumpy, grease-retaining failures. Follow package directions to put delicious fried shrimp on your table. And more—Shrimp Fry Batter Mix is highly versatile. Try it on sliced zucchini, sliced eggplant, even pepper and carrot chunks to add variety to your meal. Everything you cook in our Shrimp Fry Batter Mix will come out light, crunchy and delicious, just the way you and your family like it. A delicious and easy way to make even a weeknight family dinner a special occasion. Package Directions: Add 1 cup of mix to 3/4 cup of water – mix well – dip food (shrimp) in batter deep fry at 350F until golden brown.


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