Fun Fish Nugget Recipe

Suitable for: Catfish, Pangasius, Tilapia, Orange Roughy, Yellow Perch, Ocean Perch, Croaker filets.

We forget how much more sensitive children are to new tastes and textures (fish sticks and nuggets commercially aimed at children definitely emphasize the “fried” over the “fish,” and leave some young customers wanting fries with everything!).  Here are some different approaches to children—and adults—to build their enthusiasm for fish.  And no, there aren’t any bones!

Cut fish filets into 1-inch x 2-inch squares. Coat with Fish Fry Mix and cook according to direction.  Offer some dipping sauces your children enjoy—and toothpicks, which make dipping nuggets a bit more enthralling than a plain old fork:

Consider these possibilities (and add your own!):

  • Plain old yellow hot-dog mustard
  • Any salad dressing they enjoy, from ranch to Russian to vinaigrette
  • Chinese plum (“duck”) sauce in one little dish, toasted sesame seed in another.

This may not be haute cuisine, but the point is to get the fish in the mouth; and kids who link “fish” with “fun” will be more likely to give it a chance.

Adding a more adult sauce or two can turn fish-nuggets into family fare (think tartar sauce, pesto, mango salsa). Just keep those toothpicks coming!